AGCULTURE, a business unit of AGC providing solutions for greenhouses, has joined the Club of 100. This club has been initiated by Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Business Unit Horticulture and flower bulbs. The aim is  to enforce the collaboration between business organizations and the research institute. The Club of 100 is unique because it combines the scientific expertise with the practical know-how and experiences of its members. Together they work on new innovations for a future proof and sustainable sector.

AGCULTURE’s membership of the Club of 100 is a logical next step in since the start of the collaboration which started in 2018. “The Business Unit horticulture of Wageningen University & Research has been a real support during the creation of AGCULTURE. Our collaboration has allowed us to benefit from their scientific expertise to understand the need of the growers and design adapted glass solutions to the demands of the horticultural market. WUR has helped us in the development of our products by testing our glass under real conditions. We have successfully marketed glass products such as Fountain with high added value that are focused on the optimization of the light transmission and distribution as well as climate control inside the greenhouse. Joining the Club of 100 was an obvious choice after such a strong partnership,” explains Mohammad Shayesteh, Product Manager at AGCULTURE.

Jacqueline van Oosten of the Club of 100 is very pleased with the enforced partnership. “AGCULTURE’s drive to develop new innovations for advanced glass is impressive. With passion they work on advanced solutions that fit in different circumstances and markets. That’s why they fit very well in the Club of 100. We are proud that they have become a member  of the Club of  100 and look forward to the collaboration.

This membership also reflects the shared vision of the Club of 100 and AGCULTURE to optimize productivity and minimize the energy demand for the entire lifecycle of the greenhouse. “At AGCULTURE we develop highly durable technological glass and services to enable growers to have a sustainable productivity while reducing their carbon footprint. By joining the Club of 100, we become part of a network of partners who share our goal: to empower the horticultural field to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. Being part of this club will allow us to build from the experience of other members to help growers in their transition to more efficient and sustainable models. We are in a truly cooperative relationship.” concludes Mohammad Shayesteh.



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